Dr. Zunyou Wu attended 2016 Nankai Summer Forum


 OnJuly 1, 2016, invited by Associate Professor Minying Zhang at theSchool of Medicine, Nankai University, Dr. Zunyou Wu, the researchfellow and director of National Center for AIDS/STD Control &Prevention, China CDC, attended the Summer Forum and delivered aspeech about the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in China and precaution ofHIV/AIDS for young students.

 Dr.Zunyou Wu described HIV/AIDS as the “Silent Killer” and explainedsome topics about HIV/AIDS precaution and control. Dr. Wu firstintroduced the general situation about prevalence of HIV/AIDS inChina and worldwide. According to Dr. Wu, the infection rate ofHIV/AIDS in young students in China has been continuously increasedin the past 5 years while most of these cases were sexuallytransmitted. He also talked about some new strategies in globalHIV/AIDS control and progress of HIV/AIDS diagnosis and treatment inChina. He later emphasized on the precaution of HIV/AIDS for youngstudents and answered some questions from students before he visitedlaboratories in the medical school.

Dr. ZunyouWu has published more than 200 research articles in world-classjournals including Scienceandthe Lancet.He was awarded the Gold Medal by the Joint United Nations Program onHIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), and named as a Hall of Famer by the University ofCalifornia-Los Angeles (UCLA) for his outstanding contribution inHIV/AIDS precaution and control.

The themeof the World AIDS Day has been consecutively determined as “Gettingto zero: zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination” by theUnited Nations from 2011 to 2015.Meanwhile, there are some newchallenges in China’s HIV/AIDS control as the number of newHIV/AIDS cases detected in young students has been significantlyincreased in the last few years.