College overview

Introductionto School of Medicine, Nankai University

Thehistory of the School of Medicine can be dated back to 1930 when apre-med program was started in the College of Sciences at NankaiUniversity. The School of Medicine started to enroll students from1989 before it was officially founded in 1993 upon the approval ofthe former Committee of Education of the People’s Republic ofChina. Currently, the Medical School is located in both the BalitaiCampus (old campus) and the Jinnan Campus (new campus). The School islocated in the Siyuan Hall at the Balitai Campus, which was built in1923 and is the oldest building in Nankai University. There is abuilding for teaching, research and administration for the School ofMedicine in the new campus, with a total floor area of 11,000 m2.

Presently,there are a total of 932 students at the School of Medicine,including 480 undergraduates, 288 master students, 144 Ph.D.candidates and 20 international students. Currently, there are 98full-time faculty members, including 13 full professors and 25associate professors. Our faculty includes one member of the ChineseAcademy of Engineering and three distinguished professors of theChangjiang Scholars Program. Meanwhile, our faculty members have alsoentered the New Century Outstanding Talent Support Program (fourprofessors), Tianjin 131 Innovative Talents Program (threeprofessors), Tianjin Thousand Talent Program for Young Scientists(three professors) and Tianjin Thousand Talent Short-term Program(two professors). The School have also hired 208 clinical experts aspart-time master or Ph.D. tutors, including 126 experts from the PLAGeneral Hospital. In December, 2017, Professor Cao Xuetao,immunologist and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering becamethe President of Nankai University.


Undergraduate Programs

Program Duration

Degrees Conferred

Certificates Obtained

5+3 Integrated   Clinical Medicine

Eight Years

Master of   Clinical Medicine


Bachelor Degree

Graduate Diploma

Master Degree

Licensefor Medical Practitioners

Certificate of Standardized Residents Training


Five Years

Bachelor of   Stomatology

Undergraduate Diploma

Bachelor Degree

Intelligent   Medicine Engineering

Four Years

Bachelor of   Engineering

Undergraduate Diploma

Bachelor Degree


Five Years

Bachelor   of Ophthalmology 

Undergraduate Diploma

Bachelor Degree

CombinedMedical Education

Acombined medical educational system has been established at theSchool of Medicine. In 2007, Nankai University and the PLA GeneralHospital signed the Strategic Cooperating Agreement at the Great Hallof People in Beijing to start the all-around combined medicaleducation. From 2008, students enrolled in our seven-year programwere able to complete their postgraduate study (sixth and seventhyear) in the PLA General Hospital. Postgraduate students inthree-year medical programs have also gained the opportunity to jointhese programs.

In2016, upon the approval from the State Commission Office of PublicSectors Reform, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republicof China, and the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, theTianjin Fourth Hospital was completely transferred to NankaiUniversity as its affiliated hospital. On October 16, 2017, NankaiUniversity signed the strategic cooperation agreements with twelve 3Ahospitals in Tianjin at the Forum for Strategic Development ofMedical Unions. Nankai University and these hospitals will start toclosely integrate and cooperate in medical techniques service,research platforms, teaching reforms and medical talents training,which is a brand new opportunity for the medical sciences at NankaiUniversity. The list of our cooperating hospitals includes TianjinFirst Center Hospital, Tianjin Third Center Hospital, Tianjin FourthCenter Hospital, Tianjin Eye Hospital, Tianjin Dental Hospital,Tianjin Union Medical Center, Tianjin Chest Hospital, Tianjin HuanhuHospital, Tianjin Nankai Hospital, Tianjin Second Renmin Hospital,Tianjin Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and PLA 254Hospital.

International Exchanges

Thanks to the out reach programs of Nankai University, the School hasestablished relations with some of the top medical educationalinstitutes in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Sweden to found amedical think tank. This provides a platform for improved research,quality and idea exchanges. There are now four full-time foreignprofessors at the School. Dr. Cameron Rafael McKay, DPM, one of ourfull-time foreign professors, obtained the Tianjin Haihe FriendshipAward in 2017. Sir Leszek Krzysztof Borysiewicz, formerVice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, has accepted theappointment as a guest professor at the School of Medicine, NankaiUniversity. Based on our long-term cooperation with some of the topmedical schools worldwide including Harvard Medical School and DentalSchool at UNLV, we invite some foreign experts to provideprofessional courses for our students in the summer semester everyyear while regular faculty and students exchanges have also beenrealized.


Directed by the educationprinciple of Capability and Responsibility, the School of Medicineprovides a series of student activities, including the annual MedicalSchool Open Day, Medical Culture Festival and the Practice Month ofCapability and Responsibility. These enhance students’comprehensive quality. Meanwhile, students have organized more thanten social groups, which create opportunities and environment fortheir growths. Moreover, the School, by establishing Social Practiceand Volunteer Bases with some institutes outside the University,provided opportunities for medical students to perform severalvolunteer jobs including health education, consulting and diagnosis,voluntary reaching, caring for autistic children etc. Each year, morethan ten social practice teams are funded by the School for theirvoluntary practice in China. Students have also participated in othermedical service activities including the LiKa Shing FoundationMedical Property-Relief Program, College Student Social PracticeProgram funded by the China Oral Health Foundation. In the last fewyears, students at the School of Medicine have obtained a number ofawards including the College Students of the Year Nominee Awards,Challenge Cup National Extracurricular Academic Competition forCollege Students Second Award, Tianjin Students of the Year, Tianjin Challenge Cup Extracurricular Academic Competition for CollegeStudents Outstanding Winner Award, May Fourth Medal of NankaiUniversity, Nankai Ten Outstanding Students Award etc.

Outstanding Reputation

Graduatesfrom the School of Medicine, have been described as “beingproficient in professional skills with a solid foundation in basicknowledge” by employees. The Clinical Medicine Program has so farenrolled 1392 students in 29 classes and trained 737 graduates in 22classes. Students in this program are able to participate in theStandardized Residents Training and Clinical Internships at the PLAGeneral Hospitals, which is beneficial for their professionalenrichment and clinical skills. Some of the students in the ClinicalProgram choose to continue their study in China or abroad while mostof graduates are employed by leading 3A hospital in China includingthe PLA General Hospital, Peking Union Hospital, Beijing TongrenHospital CMU, Beijing Fuwai Hospital, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital,Shanghai Huashan Hospital, Tianjin Tumor Hospital etc. TheStomatology Program has enrolled 181 students in 9 classes andtrained 64 graduates in 4 classes. Most of the graduates choose tocontinue their study in the Dental Schools at Peking University,Sichuan University, Wuhan University etc. Some students choose tostart their careers in Tianjin Dental Hospital, the Zhejiang ArmedPolice Forces General Hospital etc. while the others either continuetheir study abroad or work as civil servants.

Obstaclesconquered and achievements gained all belong to yesterday. We believethat the School of Medicine, Nankai University will have a brightertomorrow.