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1. Research Areas

     Neural injury and repair

2. Education

1986.9-1989.7 Master in anthropology Major, Yanbian University

1996.2-1999.2 PhD in anatomy and histology Major, Inha University, Inchun, South Korea.

3. Professional Experience

2001.11- 2011.11 Associate Professor in School of Medicine, Nakai University

2011.12 - Present, Professor in School of Medicine, Nankai University

4. Awards

5. Social Service

Research & Achievements

Research Achievements

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

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3.Su X, Yan H, Huang Y, Yun H, Zeng B, Wang E, Liu Y, Zhang Y, Liu F, Che Y, Zhang Z, Yang R. Expression of FABP4, adipsin and adiponectin in Paneth cells is modulated by gut Lactobacillus. Sci Rep. 2015 21;5:18588.

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[1]     2010.1-2012.12. Experimental Study of Parthenogenetic Embryonic Stem Cell Transplantation on Myocardial Infarction in Mice, National Natural Science Foundation of China

[2] 2015.1-2017.12 The role of novel immunoreceptor receptor LRRC19-mediated specific immunity in the development and progression of enterocolitis, Ministry of Science and Technology major research program

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[4] 2011-2014 Application of pluripotent stem cell-specific differentiation and epigenetic regulation in the treatment of diabetes mellitus,National Major Scientific Research Project



[1] Undergraduate: Systematic Anatomy, Topographic Anatomy, Neural Anatomy.

[2] Master: New progress of neural injury and repair