Work Address:  Pathology

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E-mail:  xiaoyuetan@nankai.edu.cn


1. Research Areas

     Mechanism of organ fibrosis; Tumor microenvironment; Nanotechnology application in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

2. Education

1991.7-1998.7  Master Degree in Clinical Medicine, Xiangya Medical School

2001.8-2004.6  Doctor Degree in internal Medicine, Peking Union Hospital

3. Professional Experience

     1998.8- 2001.7   Resident, the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Xiangya Medical

                    School, Central South University

     2004.7-2008.4   Post-doc Associate, the University of Pittsburgh, Medical

                    Center, Pathology Department

     2008.5-2013.12  Associate Professor, Nankai University, School of Medicine,

                    Pathology Department

     2013.12-        Professor, Nankai University, School of Medicine,

                    Pathology Department

4. Awards

[1] 2014 The new century excellent talent support program of the Ministry of Education

[2] 2009 Great Rivers Award/Postdoctoral Fellowship/ Portfolio by American Heart Associate

5. Social Service

Working Experience Related with Profession:

[1]     2010-Present, peer review expert of Natural Science Foundation project

Research & Achievements

Research Achievements

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 3. Shen L, Qin K, Wang D, Zhang Y, Bai N, Yang S, Luo Y, Xiang R, Tan X#. Overexpression of Oct4 suppresses the metastatic potential of breast cancer cells via Rnd1 downregulation. BiochimBiophysActa. 2014 Jul 25.
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Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

[1] Plos One

[2] American Journal of Pathology



[1]     2013.1-2017.1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI

[2]   2004.12-2015.11 Grant-In-Aid, Abbott Laboratories, Accomplisher



[1]Undergraduate: Pathology

[2]Master: Pathological techniques