Work Address:  department of Immunology

Telephone:  +86-22-23509505


E-mail:  rxiang@nankai.edu.cn


1. Research Areas

  [1]The molecular mechanismofmutual regulation betweentumormicroenvironment and tumor stemcellsand the role of tumor stem cell in tumormetastasis and recurrence;

  [2]High throughput screening of tumor stem cell-specificsmall molecule drugs and tumor targeted therapy by nanoparticle as drug carrier;

  [3]Novel design and preparation of DNA vaccine against tumor and tumor associated macrophage(TAMs) and the molecular mechanism of antitumor fusion protein against cancer.

2. Education

  1982, M.D. Degree, Chongqing Medical College, Chongqing 400062, Sichuan, China

  1989, Master's Degree, Clinical Biochemistry, Chongqing Medical College, Chongqing 400062, Sichuan, China

  1992, Ph.D. Degree, Cell Biology and Experimental Nuclear Medicine, Shanghai Second Medical University, Shanghai 200025, China

4. Awards

  [1]2001AACR-Ortho-JanssenScholar Award by the American Association for Cancer Research

5. Social Service

Working Experience Related with Profession:

  [1] 2010-present: Evaluation expert of the National Natural Science foundation of China

  [2] 1999-2003: Reviewer for Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology, PNAS,Journal of Clinical Investigation,Oncogene, Cancer Research, Blood, Journal of Immunology, International Journal of Cancer, Clinical Cancer Research, Human Gene Therapy.

Research & Achievements

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

1.Luo D, Wang G, Shen W, Zhao S, Zhou W, Wan L, Yuan L, Yang S, Xiang R. Clinical significance and functional validation of PPA1 in various tumors. Cancer Med. 2016 Oct; 5(10):2800-2812.

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3.Shen L, Li H, Shi Y, Wang D, Gong J, Xun J, Zhou S, Xiang R, Tan X.M 2tumour-associated macrophages contribute to tumour progression via legumain remodelling the extracellular matrix in diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Sci Rep. 2016 Jul 286:30347

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  [1] China and Thailand Biological Vaccine Transformation Medical Center.(Project leader)

Source of Funds: Science and Technology Assistance Program for Developing Countries


  [2] Preparation of Novel pH - Sensitive Oral Nanoparticle DNA Vaccine

Source of Funds: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Project Period: 2013.01-2016.12

  [3] Regulatory mechanism of KDM6B on the development and progression of diffuse large B – cell

Source of Funds: National Natural Science Foundation of China


  [4] Research in the Regulating Mechanism of Tumor Stem Cells in Solid Tumor Development. (Project leader)

Project ID: 2013CB967200

Source of Funds: National key basic research plan

Project Period: 2013/01-2017/08

  [5]The Regulating Mechanism of Tumor Microenvironment to Tumor Stem Cells and its New Therapy Strategy.( Project leader)

Source of Funds: Major project of National Natural Science foundation of China ProjectPeriod: 2009/01-2012/12

  [6] Mechanism of TAMs in the Tumor Microenvironment Mediating Cancer Cell Infiltration and Metastasis.( Project leader)

Project ID: BE021261

Source of Funds:Tianjin Science and Technology Support Key Project


  [7] Research on Protein's Function in the Interaction Process of Tumor cells and Immune cells.(Project leader)

Project ID: 2007CB914804

Source of Funds: Subproject of National 973 Programme

ProjectPeriod: 2007-2012

  [8] Pre-clinical Research on the Cancer Gene Therapy Products.( Project participant)

Project ID: 2007AA021010

Source of Funds: Subproject of National 863 Programme

ProjectPeriod: 2007-2012

  [9] Experimental Research on the Isolation and Identification of New Specific Molecular  Markers of TAMs and its Targeting Therapy of Breast Cancer.( Project leader)

Project ID: 30672389

Source of Funds: National Natural Science found ofChina

ProjectPeriod: 2007/01-2009/12

  [10] Research on Legumain-targeted Liver Cancer Vaccine.(Project leader,finished)

Project ID: 30572116

Source of Funds: National Natural Science found ofChina

ProjectPeriod: 2006/01-2008/12


  [1]Undergraduate:Advanced Oncology