Work Address:  Tumor Biology

Telephone:  +86- 15822024952


E-mail:  shijingyue@nankai.edu.cn


1. Research Areas

      Cancer metastasis

      Function and component of exososmes

      Cell cycle

2. Education

       2006.9-2010.8, Secondary PhD in Medical Biology Major, Max-Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research

       2002.9-2007.7, PhD in Genetics Major, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

       1997.9-2001.7 Bachelor in Biology Major, Anhui Normal University

3. Professional Experience

2016.1- Present, Associate Professor in School of Medicine, Nankai University

2010.9-2015.12, Research Scientist in School of Medicine, Heidelberg University

2007.8-2010.8, Post-doc Fellow in Max-Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research

4. Awards

[1]   2016, Scholar of 1000 talents’ plan, Tianjin

[2]  2007-2010 Post-doc Scholarship of Max-Planck Institute Society

[3]  2006-2007 Doctoral Scholarship of Joint Chinese Academy of Sciences and Max-Planck Institute Society

5. Social Service

Working Experience Related with Profession:

[1]     Member of International Society Extracellular Vesicle

 [2] Peer review expert of International Journal Cancer, European Journal Cancer

Research & Achievements

Research Achievements

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

[1]Yue S,Mu W, Erb U, Zöller M.The tetraspanins CD151 and Tspan8 are essential exosome components for the crosstalk between cancer initiating cells and their surrounding. (2015) Oncotarget. 6(4):2366-84

[2] Madhavan B, Yue S,Galli U, Rana S, Gross W, Müller M, Giese NA, Kalthoff H, Becker T, Büchler MW, Zöller M. Combined evaluation of a panel of protein and miRNAserum exosomebiomarkers for pancreatic cancer diagnosis increases sensitivity and specificity. (2015) Int J Cancer. 136(11):2616-27

[3]Yue S, Mu W, Zöller M. Tspan8 and CD151 promote metastasis by distinct mechanisms. (2013) Eur J Cancer. 49(13):2934-48

[4] Rana S, Yue S, Stadel D, Zöller M. Toward tailored exosomes: the exosomaltetraspanin web contributes to target cell selection. (2012) Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 44(9):1574-84

[5] Liu, Z, Yue, S (co-first author), Chen, X., and Braun, T. Regulation of cardiomyocyte polyploidy and multinucleation by CyclinG1. (2010) Circ Res. 106, 1498-1506



[1]     2016.9-2019.9. Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin (16JCYBJC43200)



[1] Undergraduate: Tumor biology