The Students’ Union

The Academic Department organizes academic activities to create a good atmosphere of learning, and help students exchange experience and promote interest in learning. .

The Academic Department is also responsible for editing the School Journal, which helps students and faculty in this University better understand the School of Medicine. The Journal is also a positive impact on the fund-raising of our Public Relations Department.

Public Relations Department 

  As the profile of the School of Medicine, Nankai University, the Public Relations Department plays an important role in strengthening communications and promoting exchanges with external institutes. They also organize fellowship activities among peer schools.

  The PR Department is responsible for the fund-raising for our students’ activities, such as the New Year Party, the sport events, the medical and cultural festivals etc. Members in this department spend most of their time connecting with the businesses, such as sports goods stores, optical shops, food stores, restaurants etc. They believe that it is their mission to maintain a good profile of the Medical School, and promote co-operations with institutes in the University and outside.

Publicity Department

The Publicity Department is in charge of the advertising of School activities using posters, SNS etc. Members in this department are also photographers and journalists during our events before they update pictures and articles on our online public platform. 

Arts Department 

The Arts Department is established to organize activities for students to enrich their campus life, including the New Year Party, Mid-Autumn Festival Party, The Voice of Medical School, VCR Competition, Dancing Party, Medical School Radio and the Exhibition of Medical School etc.

Students’ Life Department

The Students’ Life Department is in charge of the financial affairs of the Students’ Union, including the fund management, accounting etc. They also organize activities including the outdoor team development, Dormitory Culture Festival, Girls’ Day etc. These activities strengthened communications and understanding among roommates, and help students adapt to college life faster.

Sports Department

The Sports Department aims to promote the understanding and interest of students in after-school sports activities. This department also organizes and manages sport events in the School and the University.           

Youth Volunteers Association

The Youth Volunteers Association of the School of Medicine, Nankai University, founded in 2010, is affiliated to the Youth League Committee in the School of Medicine, which is supervised by the Youth Volunteers Association of Nankai University .

In order to better demonstrate our purpose of serving the society and people, new volunteers are recruited annually to participate in various types of voluntary work and community service.

All volunteers admitted at the Youth Volunteers Association of the School of Medicine are registered as a member of the Chinese Young Volunteers Association (CYVA). All service hours will be recorded on their individual certificates after verification. As a record of their honorable voluntary work, theses certificates will remain effective even after graduation.

Our voluntary work includes:

1. Assisting with the voluntary service organized by the Youth Volunteers Association of Nankai University.

2. Providing all-round clinical guidance for patients in the Tianjin Fourth Hospital.

3. Caring for children with autism and cerebral palsy.

4. Providing first-aid training for the faculty and undergraduates students.

5. Raising awareness on food safety and AIDS prevention.

Association of Science and Technology

The Association of Science and Technology at the School of Medicine, Nankai University, is a semi-autonomous student organization which is independent of the Students’ Union. Mainly led and guided by our teachers, the association has organized various kinds of medical competitions and lectures.

We integrate our activities with everyday learning to promote our understandings in medical knowledge, practice and skills.

Our work consists of three parts:

1. Introduction to the frontier medical knowledge and innovations;

2. Organizing activities for the medical science popularization;

3. Organizing various competition to promote students’ understanding and application of medical knowledge as well as medical expertise, including the annual laparoscopic contest, clinical skills contest, case analysis game and medical English competition etc.