The 11th NKU Medical Culture Festival Lowers the Curtain

Recently, the closing ceremony of the 11th NKU Medical Culture Festival & the 2021 Graduation Gala of NKU School of Medicine was held at the Tian Jiabing Music Hall of Balitai Campus. Wang Yan, Director of Tianjin Eye Hospital, Lang Liang, Deputy Director of Tianjin Union Medical Center, NKU, Dai Yanmei, Deputy Director of Hospital of Stomatology, NKU, and Gao Haiyan, Director of NKU School of Medicine attended the gala. Besides, participants also include members of the leadership team of School of Medicine, leaders of hospitals affiliated to NKU and representatives of faculty and students of School of Medicine.

The gala started with a review of the 11th NKU Medical Culture Festival. During the month-long festival, a series of activities were carried out in succession, such as the open day of the School of Medicine, health promotion in communities, theme activities, free medical consultation, scientific lectures on health, etc. These showed the sincerity of NKU’s medical students to inherit medical culture and carry forward the medical spirit while revealing their determination to practice the Strategy of Healthy China.

During the gala, an awarding ceremony was held to commend those outstanding NKU students. Lang Liang, Dai Yanmei, Wang Yan and Gao Haiyan successively presented awards to those winning the honorary title of the 10th “Top 10 Medical Students” of NKU School of Medicine (which is also the Scholarship of Tianjin Union Medical Center, NKU), the honorary title of “Excellent Stomatology Students” (which is also the Scholarship of Hospital of Stomatology, NKU), and the first “NKU Affiliated Eye Hospital Scholarship”, as well as the representatives of outstanding graduates of 2021. They encouraged students to continuously work hard and improve their professional skills and strive to be well-rounded medical students in the future.

After the awarding ceremony, the faculty and students from the School of Medicine gave a wonderful performance. The faculty choir first expressed their sincerest blessings to graduates with singing. Subsequently, the vibrant dance by the cheering squad, Iron and Steel Torrent March played by the student orchestra, a cappella performance of Say Something and the dance Heavenly Bath combined to provide the audience with an audio-visual feast.

In the final part of “To Graduates”, by watching the video, students reviewed those early days when they became college students. So many unforgettable scenes flashed one by one. The closing ceremony of the 11th NKU Medical Culture Festival & the 2021 Graduation Gala came to an end with the song Don’t Say Goodbye. The graduates of 2021 have witnessed the booming development of medical education in NKU and will always keep in mind the university’s motto of “dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each passing day” and strive hard for the medical education in NKU and human health.