“Frontiers and Challenges of Medicine” under the “Lectures from Famous Teachers” program opened


Frontiers and Challenges of Medicine” is a general elective medical course under Nankai University’s “Lectures from Famous Teachers” program developed by Academician Cao Xuetao, in collaboration with 12 other academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. In response to the outlines of the Healthy China 2030 plan, the course is focused on broadening the academic vision, provoking a profound thought on the importance of health and disease control in promoting social progress, mobilizing enthusiasm towards various specialized areas of medicine, inspiring innovative thinking, increasing the acceptance of the integration of disciplinary frontiers, encouraging the practice of putting scientist’s spirit into action, helping cultivate leading medical talents, and serving the Healthy China strategy.

This semester of “Frontiers and Challenges of Medicine” will be opened on September 29. Academicians Zhang Boli, Fan Daiming, Gao Fu, Chen Wei, Shen Hongbing, Bian Xiuwu, Wang Songling, Song Erwei, Dong Jiahong, Qiao Jie, Chen Xiangmei and Zhang Xue will be invited to introduce NKU students to the frontiers and challenges of basic research, clinical application and transformation and interdisciplinary integration in medicine around the world by giving lectures on topics such as tumor diagnosis and immunotherapy, modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, pathogenic microorganism infection and research and development of new vaccines, global public health strategy, reproductive medicine and health, precise surgical treatment, diagnosis and treatment of difficult kidney diseases, digestive system diseases, stomatology and rare and genetic diseases.