Beichen Hospital of Nankai University Holds Inauguration Ceremony


Beichen Hospital held the 60th anniversary celebration and inauguration ceremony as Beichen Hospital of Nankai University on October 26, marking its start of a new journey after forging ahead with enterprise and fortitude in the past six decades. Xu Hui, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee and District Chief of Beichen District, Li Jing, member of Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and vice president of NKU, Jia Chunning, member of Standing Committee and Publicity Department of the CPC Committee of Beichen District, and Jia Hongwei, deputy chief of Beichen District Government, attended the event. The ceremony was hosted by Xu Jianhui, secretary of the CPC Committee and president of Beichen Hospital.

Tianjin Beichen Hospital was founded in October 1963 and became a Class A tertiary comprehensive hospital in 2018. Beichen Hospital has maintained close ties with the School of Medicine, NKU for cooperation in teaching and research over past years. Since June 2016, the hospital has been part of the curriculum design of Premature Contact Clinical Practice of the NKU School of Medicine, and has undertaken hospital internship tasks for more than 400 undergraduate students. The hospital is greatly supportive of NKU for its efforts as the first national pilot institutions and schools for first-aid education, offering the course Service Learning: Advanced First-aid and Rescue to the university. Six emergency doctors taught students about first-aid knowledge and emergency skills, and empowered them to apply what they’ve learned to serve the public.

NKU attaches great importance to cooperation with Beichen Hospital. In December 2021, Beichen Hospital became an affiliated hospital of NKU after friendly negotiations between both parties, in accordance with the Circular of the Ministry of Education on Carrying out the Special Governance and Rectification of Affiliated Hospitals of Universities. In September 2023, NKU approved the Agreement on the Building of Beichen Hospital of Nankai University, under which both sides are expected to start the coordinated development of medicine, education and research, and Beichen Hospital has become the eighth affiliated hospital of NKU.