School of Medicine Holds First Orthopedics Workshop


The first Orthopedics Cutting-edge Technology Workshop of NKU School of Medicine was held at the International Collaborative Innovation Center for Medicine from November 4 to 5. Zhang Yingze, CAE academician and dean of the School of Medicine, and Gao Haiyan, secretary of the CPC Committee of the School, attended the workshop, while Zhang made a report at the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Yang Shuang, vice dean of the School.

Experts and scholars, including Ao Yingfang, honorary director of the Research Institute of Sports Medicine of Peking University Third Hospital, Huang Wei, director of orthopedics of the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chang Jiang, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chen Wei, vice president of the Third Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Li Bin, dean of the School of Biology & Basic Medical Sciences of Soochow University, Zhang Xizheng, researcher of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Yang Haisheng, professor of Beijing University of Technology, Professor Ma Xinlong from Tianjin Hospital, Professor Cui Yuhong from the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University, Professor Li Chaoyang from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tianjin University, Professor Zhang Ping from the School of Basic Medical Sciences of Tianjin Medical University, Professor Zhu Meifeng from the College of Life Sciences of Nankai University, and Professor Li Yudong from the School of Physics of Nankai University, were invited to deliver reports at the meeting.

Zhang Yingze conveyed his congratulations on the successful convening of this workshop. He pointed out that this workshop was empowered to promote the interdisciplinary convergence and cross-border integration of multiple technologies in medicine, as well as to constantly catalyze new cutting-edge disciplines, new technological fields, and new innovative forms. Zhang emphasized the need to leverage the advantages of NKU as a comprehensive university, combined with the clinical application needs of orthopedics, to invite scholars from other fields such as physics, chemistry and mathematics to exchange views on latest developments, and lead the integration of medicine and engineering.

Guests had in-depth discussions on the remarkable developments in orthopedics, particularly in orthopedic clinical practice, medical orthopedic materials and orthopedic mechanics. Scholars gave academic presentations on the latest achievements in interdisciplinary orthopedics, interacted with trainees, and answered their questions.

It is reported that the School of Medicine will take this workshop as an opportunity to respond to the call for “interdisciplinary integration serving the national strategic needs”, strengthen cooperation with other universities and hospitals, foster interdisciplinary convergence and cross-border integration of multiple technologies, and focus on cultivating “medical + X” compound first-class innovators.