School of Medicine Holds Alumni Symposium


In hopes of boosting communication and mutual assistance among medical alumni and contributing to the progress of the School of Medicine, NKU, the School has held a symposium for alumni representatives. Cong Peifang, vice administrative dean of the school, and some influential alumni from Grade 1989 through Grade 2000 of the school, attended the meeting.

Cong Peifang, on behalf of the School, extended a warm welcome to the alumni and thanked them for their long-term support and concern for the School. She introduced to the alumni the development and achievements of the School in the construction of disciplines, talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, and called for their continual concern and care to help the school grow better.

At the symposium, alumni shared their experience in learning, work, entrepreneurial efforts, and expressed their keen perspectives and insights about the future development of the School. They hope that the school will leverage its nationwide network of graduates after 35 years of enrollment to create more opportunities for the growth of medical students. Alumni said they would continue to keep informed about the development of the school, and contribute to activities and growth of the School and the University at large.

This symposium not only provided a platform for the alumni to interact with each other, but also collected valuable suggestions for the development of the School. We believe that with the joint efforts of all alumni, the School will definitely grow from strength to strength to cultivate more outstanding medical talents for our communities.