Eye and Vision Science Research Institute of Naikai University Established


      On November 3, the opening ceremony of HAIHE International Ophthalmology Forum 2023 and the inauguration ceremony of NKU Eye and Vision Science Research Institute were held by Tianjin Eye Hospital, and attended by Xie Lixin, CAE Academician and Honorary Director of Shandong Institute of Ophthalmology, Zhang Yingze, CAE Academician and Dean of the School of Medicine, NKU, Wang Xudong, Secretary of CPC Committee and Director of Tianjin Health Commission, Yang Kexin, Executive Deputy Secretary of CPC NKU Committee and Hao Jihui, President of Tianjin Medical University. The delegates witnessed the establishment of NKU Eye and Vision Science Research Institute. The meeting was presided over by Wang Chunge, Secretary of CPC Committee of Tianjin Eye Hospital.

      At the meeting, Yang Kexin declared the decision to approve the establishment of NKU Eye and Vision Science Research Institute, and then held the Institute inauguration together with Zhang Yingze, and awarded Zhang Wei and Li Lihua letters of appointment as dean and vice dean of the Institute.

       In July 2023, NKU held a president's office meeting and decided to establish the Eye and Vision Science Research Institute of NKU, aiming at cooperating with Tianjin Eye Hospital, giving full play to the advantages of comprehensive disciplines of NKU and the medical technology resources of Tianjin Eye Hospital, strengthening coordinated development and promoting the universal eye health through in-depth cooperation in medical treatment, education and scientific research.