NTNU Vist Nankai University


A visiting delegation consisting of 14 teachers and students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) visited NKU for academic exchanges from March 26 to April 5, 2024. They visited the School of Medicine and had discussions and attended seminars and courses with the School's teachers and students. NTNU is the top engineering and technology center in Norway and a member of the Nordic Five Tech.

The School of Medicine hosted a welcome reception for the teachers and students of NTNU on their arrival. Tan Xiaoyue and Cong Peifang, Vice Deans of the School of Medicine, and Shi Yi, Director of the Department of Clinical Medicine, attended the reception. At the welcome reception, Shi Yi introduced the general information and the leadership team of the School of Medicine to the delegation. After the reception, the teachers presented welcome gifts to the visiting teachers and students.

During the visit, the delegation attended medicine-related courses at the School of Medicine, including experimental courses on molecular genetics and immunology and cell biology, as well as theoretical courses on medical ethics and medical immunology. They also visited the virtual simulation laboratory of the School. During the academic seminar, Professor Shi Yi, Associate Professor Wang Longlong, other teachers from the School of Medicine, and visiting teachers from NTNU shared their research topics and had in-depth discussions. The delegation also visited Tianjin People's Hospital, Tianjin Eye Hospital, and Tianjin First Central Hospital. They gained a preliminary understanding of China's medical system and medical environment through the exchange of views with professors there.

In addition to academic exchanges, the delegation also participated in a variety of featured activities. They visited the Tian Jin Huo Yuanjia School, China, watched Chinese kung fu performance, practiced it, and experienced traditional Chinese culture. They also participated in fun sports games, student gatherings, and other activities and established deep friendship with teachers and students of the School of Medicine.

The visiting teachers and students said that they have greatly benefited from the visit. After deeply experiencing the classroom atmosphere of NKU, the visiting students had enriched their basic knowledge and improved thinking ability and the visiting teachers and students had broadened their scientific research horizons and learning perspectives and acquired a better understanding of the Nankai spirit of “dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each day”.


With the successful completion of the exchange program with NTNU, the School of Medicine will deepen academic exchange and cooperation with NTNU in the future, continue to organize short-term international exchange programs, and vigorously promote the internationalization of medical education.